Cake PHP

Codes Castle also manages Cake PHP. The Cake PHP framework offers a vast variety of base for your application. It is efficient in handling all aspect from initial requests of the user all the way to the final execution of a web page. It allows users to personalize and expand most aspects of the application as the framework follows the principles of MVC.

The framework provides a basic organizational structure like file names, database names so that entire application can become persistent and logical. This simple and powerful idea help clients to be organized in the planning of their schedules. Trying to discover something new is the best method of experience, as practice is must for perfection. ZMS will need to create a simple blog application to start off. Codes Castle provides reasonable and impressive solutions in hiring developers of CakePHP according to client’s needs so that projects can be made successful.

Advantages of ZMS CakePHP

For rapid application development, CakePHP framework has many inbuilt features.

  • Use of MVC structure for coding purpose
  • Swift application development
  • Use of finest coding standards and practices
  • Quick development, coding and execution of the project
  • Easy to expand and integration of third party libraries
  • SEO friendly and impressive URL facility
  • Test-Driven results
  • Ready to use Plugins or Add-ons from Community support
  • Independent Database engine
  • In-build ORM support

ZMS CakePHP Development Service Offers

Codes Castle provides best technical solutions as far as the business of our clients is concerned. Codes Castle provides best-suited platform and technologies for architecture and development. Some of the mains includes:

  • CakePHP doctrine development
  • CakePHP based application maintenance
  • PHP development in CakePHP
  • CakePHP consultants
  • CakePHP plugin development
  • Dedicated CakePHP developers
  • Custom Bundle development
  • CakePHP application Audits