HanaDOC is a powerhouse platform for the healthcare industry to build strong professional networks between doctors and hospitals. HanaDOC is a device agnostic platform that works seamlessly on any handheld device or computer. HanaDOC stands for Healthcare Administration and Networking Application For Doctors. It enables doctors to securely apply for specific desired opportunities across locations, manage their professional profiles and network with others. HanaDOC also comes built with customisable dashboards for hospital administrators to create and publish rotas, advertise jobs, verify confidential documents and approve payments.

The key mission behind HanaDOC is to simplify networking interactions between doctors and hospitals. Offered as a mobile app and web app that runs over contemporary technology, HanaDOC’s pursuit is to transform hospital management.

HanaDOC is a robust, integrated platform that has evolved over many years of understanding the core needs of hospital management by the people who have worked on the front line of the NHS hospital structure. It has matured with the advent of contemporary technologies and today is available as a lightweight, contemporary downloadable apps that both doctors and hospitals can use to effectively manage rotas, easily apply for open job positions and facilitate smooth payments.

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