Our Approach


Our highly qualified and experienced professionals look into your requirements and gather required information about your business and the project. We make sure that we understand your requirements well, and then create a proposal that details what we'll do, and the timeframes and costs involved. The entire process is documented, recorded and most of all clear. From initial contact to signing on the dotted line we let nothing slip through the cracks. So right about here you can stay back for a moment and let our experienced project managers guide you through the rest of your development.


Our business process starts with understanding and identifying your idea or business' challenges. As we receive information about your project our professional are get straight to work on developing the perfect solution with a great understanding of core requirements and cutting edge business and consumer trends. After gathering the key data, we review your information to formulate our recommendations, determine the design parameters and creative direction best suited to your needs and offer a formal proposal regarding our recommended architecture.

Pre-development Analysis

Once the development has been handed over to our team the Project Manager will work on clearly defining the project's scope. The specification process is a highly transparent analysis, with our constant commenting and feedback model we assure requirements and ideas are carefully evaluated


At this stage we offer design mock-ups which are combined with the proposed user structure. This process is in place to ensure the resulting project will be Work in accordance with the learned interface interaction, have quality assured feedback before any development starts and will be delivered on schedule and within budget.


Our next step is to start the coding, following the best accepted methods. We use various techniques for the front end and backend coding. During the process, we offer you with continual updates and listen to your feedback and implement the same in the next update. We walk with you during this process and render our suggestion to increase the end result.


The quality assurance process is a systematic procedure that monitors our software engineering competency, and regularly confirms the quality in our software development practices. This is driven by our passion to secure conformance to high quality standards such as ISO 9001 and CMMI.


This is the final stage of the application development process where we produce the release candidate for customer approval. We will help our client's with the construction of UAT methods, using a combination of client use cases and in-house testing protocols. After all, when all the above stages are accomplished, the product is released.


Ever been to a small business project that looks a decade late and money short? That’s because those sites haven’t been updated and maintained. Lucky for you ZMS has an updates team committed to keeping your project current, functional and aesthetically pleasing.


To maintain that satisfaction we feel when discover a project materialize, we offer 2 months warranty totally free. Once the warranty period is complete we offer our clients custom support packages to reflect their individual needs. This may be as easy as third line telephone support or a responsive 24/7 front line help desk service.