PHP Framework

PHP web development and PHP programming facilitate user to create an effective website for their customers and business. Code Castle has leveraged in inventing different and interactive experience for their clients with the help of PHP programming language.

Thus, ZMS PHP web development makes it possible that visitors will get impressed with client’s website and likely these visitors will want to become interested customers. Initially, PHP was known as Personal Home Pages and now it is known as Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is an open source industry standard language which is used in developing website applications including content management systems of website and e-commerce.

Advantages of PHP Web Development are

  • Smooth performance and reliability
  • Minimal maintenance and developmental cost
  • Supports a wide range of databases (Oracle, MySQL, Solid, PostgreSQL, Informix, and Generic ODBC)
  • Capability of embedding it into the HTML code
  • Supports many platforms such as Linux, Windows,and UNIX
  • Great compatibility with servers like Apache and IIS