SQL Lite

SQLiteis a relational database management system that applies a self supporting, non-server, zero configuration, SQL transactional database engine, as a part of C programming library. Its source code is available for free in public domain for any use whether commercial or personal. SQLite is used most extensively with huge line of applications, encompassing many high-level projects.

We at ZMS make SQLite suitable for your projects as per your budget constraints to generate satisfactory and alluring products that are rapid, dependable and easy to use.

SQLITE Features

  • Considerable DBA experience
  • Transact-SQL experience
  • Data Integration and Migration Services
  • Multiple Database Server experience
  • Substantial Data modeling techniques for physical /logical design model
  • Supple Environment experience
  • Relational Database Management
  • SDLC
  • Export in Microsoft Word, Outlook Excel and Visio