ZMS is a full service Web and Mobile application design company that leverages focused intelligence and key insights to refine the level of product you offer your users. At every step of the design process, we focus on developing solutions tailored to the reality of your business. By investing in superior UI and UX, you’ll see an ongoing ROI that drives growth and attracts new users.

We take UX design as broad as possible. From our perspective, anything that may affect the experience of a users should be optimized for their benefit. Some factors, such as foreign distractions, are outside our control but we can make it easy to re-establish dropped interaction, restart workflow and recover from any error.

User Experience Design

We’ll help you visualize and understand your users and customers from the 10,000-foot level, then dive into the weeds with you to validate and verify. You’ll get a beautiful experience map that will keep you and your team aligned on the problems you’re solving. Through our lean wireframing and prototyping process, we can also help you design and test user journeys that will define how users experience your product.

User Interface Design

Our designers have been crafting sophisticated, smart, and functional visual design for websites and apps for 10 years now. Every project will include a senior user interface designer and a senior UX strategist to ensure that your design not only looks amazing but works exquisitely.

Front-End Development

In the adaptive and responsive web we all operate in, it is critical to be able to code the site to work in the manner in which it was designed. We have some of the world’s top front-end developers that handcraft some of the most elegant HTML/CSS and JavaScript you’ll ever see.

Website Design and Development

Whether your product is a simple mobile app or a sophisticated B2B system, communicating your unique value proposition to your customers isn’t always a straightforward task. We help your product and marketing teams identify and express the value of your product to your customers through a beautiful and high-performance marketing website.

Technologies Offered