ZMS also handles app development on windows phone. Windows Phone is gradually gaining attention among viable users and hardware manufacturers across the globe.

The Windows operating system has experienced some changes in updates with increasingly mature functionality as it advances in our world. Clients do love to make use of the Windows app as there are countless demands from them. These users, like other mobile users will want apps and you might as well have a significant early mover advantage if you jump right in.

What individuals do in reality is, because Windows Mobile application development is technically similar to developing Windows desktop apps, they tend to select a developer who has great experience with designing applications for Windows or one who has experience in mobile app development or most probably one who shares a rich history of working on Microsoft Technologies.

Some of ZMS Windows 7 App Development contains features like

  • Multi—touch technology
  • Voice Recognition
  • Multimedia hubs integrated with Zune
  • Bing search engine
  • Integration of Cloud/Services
  • Adobe Flash v10.1
  • Email, contacts and calender
  • Games with Xbox LIVE
  • Social networks like YouTube and Facebook
  • Built in Marketplace for applications
  • Dedicated search button for applications

ZMS Windows Web App Development Services are as follows

  • Windows mobile widget development
  • Games development
  • Application migration and porting
  • M-Commerce integration
  • Customized Windows mobile apps development
  • Windows Phone strategy and consultation
  • Integration of Social Media
  • Web applications
  • Apps maintenance and support
  • Business and Media apps